The Idealogical Mirror Vs. Globalization


It feels as if it was only yesterday. Helplessly watching television images of starving children. Images that were shown every day in the world-news, to emphasize the seriousness of the situation. Anyone can remember these tough, heartbreaking images. Children who stare hopelessly out of their eyes, even the moisture of their tears has no chance to run down their dry cheeks, due to the extreme drought and hunger. Mothers who have to watch sadly how they can’t provide food for their children, whilst hoping that another NGO organization will answer their supplication.

World Hunger seems to be disappeared from the “Mainstream Media”, but is still abundantly present in a subtle form. It was a world problem that formed mankind greatest threat and had the potential to disturb our very way of living. The entire world community wondered, either with guilt or out of love, “what will be done to help these poor people out of their misery”? However, questions and sympathy has not contributed much, to improve the situation, because we still see these sad images on television. They seem timeless, but do we need to stand aside as a global community and accept world hunger as some kind of natural law? World Hunger therefore, seems like a stubborn, difficult to eradicate problem, but is that true? The earth in combination with our advanced technology has the potential for abundance, wealth and prosperity for every living soul walking this earth. So where did it go wrong, assuming that this phenomenon nevertheless still occurs? And where must we seek a robust and definitive solution? At the social NGO’s, the politicians, church leaders, or ourselves?

We have done so much research, many (global) consultations, many words, but little to no action. The problems remain and new problems amass. The size and complexity of these problems locally and globally, seem to be increasing. The political and economic systems are globally just chaos, and the “toothless” United Nations (UN) notwithstanding. Political and economical special interest clash, because everyone prioritize their own personal interest. This leads to, that the solution of the hunger-problem or any kind of problem, is not really structurally taken in hand, because there is no economic or political gain. And so, the problems are consciously or subconsciously maintained. By constantly prioritizing personal interests of influential tycoons and other political and economic individuals, the interest of humanity, compassion, understanding and love for our fellow brother or sister, always shifts further down the list of priorities. As a result, among other things, the gap between rich and poor is increasing. These impending situations are threatening to spiral out of control in many areas, because relationships are not what they should be.

Some problems that manifest themselves globally are:
1. Increased income inequality (gap between rich and poor is widening, middle class in danger of disappearing)
2. Increased unemployment (inflation and devaluation of Fiat currencies)
3. Lack of transparent, open and sincere leadership (communication is one-sided, little to no consultation, no dialogue and little to no opportunities for society in active participatory roles)
4. Democracy out-dated (unrest in the society & protests)
5. Presence of geostrategic competition (disputed territory between various countries)
6. Apocalyptic weather (floods, heavy rains, Climate Change)
7. Failure to quality health care for everyone (lack of financial resources and “human capital”)
8. Mental deterioration and degradation of values (increasing crime, murder, suicide and violence)

It’s no rocket science to see, that what is taking place worldwide spells unimaginable chaos & death and the destruction will entail, unless we make a big turnaround. A change in our thinking and where we stand as human beings, for ourselves and to one another. Love, respect and unity. These virtues should prevail, instead of hatred, selfishness and division. The last three have never solved any problem. On the contrary, it has brought us to this crucial point in modern history. Of course, we should never have let this happen. But now a chance arises to do something about it, and we need to grab the opportunity with both hands. The window of Timing and Opportunity colliding only happens once a lifetime. However, these problems with a destructive nature, require immense vigor, wisdom, strong confidence, faith, and a certain degree of openness and thinking differently to allow humans to come to a solution.

Point to note is that problems are directly or indirectly related, due to cause & effect. So we need to realize that without the proper approach to the cause, any proposal to a lasting solution will be useless and doomed to fail. So where is the ultimate solution to the problems of the world today, if it’s not only embodying the high virtues like love & respect?
The core idea proposed here is that the cause of the major world problems ought to be searched in the field of the “ideas”, and mostly in WHAT and HOW people think. It is therefore necessary to restore & reshape the ideas that formed this world, human attitudes and behavior. The labels, I’m a Muslim and you are a Christian; I’m black and you are white are not necessary in a constant changing and evolving nature and society. We must therefore muster the courage to look in the mirror and ask the question “Who am I, what is my role, what are my skills and where am I going?” Confronting yourself with these questions will help you, not to judge your fellow brother / sister on his / her opinion. It has helped me to give direction to my life and i am sure it will serve every individual to his / her knowing. It is these human attitudes that in turn affect social organizations, economic activity and political policy, because it is human thought which affects our motives and that ensures that we do what we do.

“To change the world and solve the problems, we need to change how people behave, to change how people behave, we have to change what they think and to change what they think, it is essential to change what they believe”.

A winged statement is: “I AM WHAT I THINK”.
The only way therefore to change the thinking and belief pattern of people, it is important they are presented with compelling new and fresh ideas. In short, the solution to the problems of this world lies in the power of the “IDEA” ; a new ideology that will turn the world upside down, but will eventually lead to the “Utopia”. But can we do it alone? No. The only thing you can do, and that’s already a lot, is to personally work towards becoming a better person and the better version of yourself and that the micro world we live in, becomes better with small steps. By word and deed.

To provide a clear example is the powerful step of the British people to leave the EU and the election of President D.Trump. Two historical events, which are likely to have originated from an idea. The ideology and choice of the people of these two sovereign nations has literally turned the world upside down. These global events and change in idea respectively led to the EU’s self-evaluation as is the same with the “Democrats”. Self-evaluation offers the possibility of change; Change in policy, insight and approach. In this self-reflection there is, in my view, space for new ideas, which often start with “Who am I and where do i want to go”, because “A better world starts with yourself!”


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